Custom Coursework

Looking for a unique or specific training experience for your agency, company, or group of friends? Our cadre of instructors, and our network of multidisciplinary professionals, allows us to create a training experience for virtually any scenario. Some unique courses available on request, but not scheduled regularly, include: 

  • Maritime Interdiction Tactics
  • Advanced Combat Handgun
  • Advanced Combat Carbine
  • Designated Marksman Basics   
  • Close Quarters Combat Techniques
  • Mechanical, Shotgun, and Exothermic Breacher
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Military Curriculum)
  • Advanced Rappelling / Container Inspections
  • Basic Rappelling and Rigging
  • Force on Force training


 Please fill out the form below, or visit our contact us page to discuss your custom coursework and receive a free quote. If we can't provide what you're looking for, we will direct you to a trusted professional who can.