Armed Response Tactics



This one day Armed Response Tactics course is designed to train students in the proper tactics to respond to an active shooter / killer incident. The overwhelming majority of the course is focused around Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Tactics, rapidly ending the threat, and the care and evacuation of the public. This class is spent primarily in the shoot house, with some portions spent in the classroom. This course includes:

  • Multiple formations including the stack, "T" formation, Diamond, buddy pair, and "Y" formation
  • Basic room entries and clearance
  • Indoor movements
  • Outdoor movements, including bounding over watch
  • Operations involving vehicles
  • Weapons handling
  • Movement of casualties and direction of civilians
  • Basic Breaching techniques
  • Marking techniques
  • Tourniquet Application and Hemorrhage Control

This course is taught by current Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response instructors, as well as Subject Matter Experts from DOD Contracting organizations and multiple branches of the US Military. The intent of this course is to provide a base of knowledge based off the most current, widely accepted, tactics.

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