Surviving the Active Shooter Course

This training is based on the Department of Homeland Security's "Run, Hide, Fight" program. It includes a lecture portion as well as practical scenario's for members of the public designed by professionals with real world training and experience relevant to the topic. This specific training has been provided on numerous occasions to civilian members of government organizations, and as the threat of an active shooter incident is increasing daily, this class is now available to the private sector and has been positively received by multiple Hospitals, Private Businesses, and Critical Infrastructure Organizations throughout Southern California. 

This class is custom designed for all of our private sector clients, and all students will receive a custom, up to date, workbook.* Some topics covered include the warrior mindset, daily situational awareness, pre-incident preparedness, basic indicators of potential terrorism and workplace violence, and incident response. This class also comes with  basic bleeding control training which covers the use of tourniquets, improvised tourniquets, hemostatic gauze, and bandaging techniques; ensuring staff have an even better chance of surviving an actual violent encounter. 

Advanced variants of this class include the psychology behind active shooter incidents, and also include group case studies and group exercises to assist your staff in truly "knowing thy enemy." 

Instructors in this class include current law enforcement active shooter response instructors, Department of Defense security contractors and instructors, tactical medicine instructors, and intelligence analysts. 

*This class is currently available only to organizations, and is not an open enrollment course. Each class will be tailored to the specific organization, and will include a workplace walk through. Please contact us to receive a custom course proposal with pricing and scheduling guidelines.